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tv   [untitled]    February 13, 2014 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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issues are still on the table and we'll be psyching hi seeking consensus >> thank you. >> y0rd cap and trade with respect to those measures as well as seeking new state funding for affordable housing this is new on our elective program but something it's increasingly important and we want to make sure we have support between affordable housing and transportation. finally, we'll be getting support for bicycle programs and for number one infrastructure like education that are rising to the top to help protect bicyclists and pedestrians. at the federal level it will be
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for the transportation bill it expires on october 1st, we'll be continuing to work with the mayor's office and the other stakeholders to advance the priorities in that area. with that, if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them about the legislative program and mark will talk about the things happening at the state level >> a little bit a question about the new federal transportation funding. i understand part of the program is the advocate for federal funds for the san francisco transportation prongs is this list they're the currently ones we're working on, you know, bart >> yeah. we have been coordinating with the mayor's office but looking at the priorities in corporate k and then looking at what are named
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as recreational projects for sfmta support. >> i'm wondering if muni is it on the list. >> so far as i know we're seeking state other local levels i haven't heard about federal level yet. >> inch got no further questions. thank you for your time >> okay. thank you. >> good morning happy to be here. have you had a chance to review the matrix a number of measures are going to be dropped for the matrix to get out of their house of original that's the reason
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for the delevitations. we have a b on page 8 of the matrix recommending the post position another attempt by a will you ever to freeze the program >> this is actually a separate item. >> oh, i'm sorry. >> i'm going to take comments for item 5. open this up for public comment on item 5. okay seeing no any public comment? for 5 it's closed item 6 >> item 6 state and federal updates. >> thank you. oh, for number 5 we actually need on action >> oh, okay. >> sorry about that. >> well, is there a motion that i may entertain on the item?
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thank you. all right. second moved by supervisor tang and seconded by supervisor chiu. this item passes >> this is information slash action item. >> now i feel lethal. oh, just to repeat first bill of 5 i want to talk about a b 501 with the recommendations you adapted last year that will halt the high rail bond we also have a bill recommending watch a reintroduction that will prohibit transit employees from striking a similar measure was taken up in january and failed to make failed to pass the
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committee this is another attempt to try to deal with the transit issue 0 they perceive. and the last 3 are a package of bills by newly elected central valley senators. be s p 901 through 4 on packages 15 and 16 relate to the high rail system. this will act similarly to freeze the high-speed rail bonds and the second to identify all bonds for the eminent domain procedures and that's not sxhivenlt with federal law if you move the funding through a due diligence process through eminent domain we're recommending it to stop because
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it will stop the construction seethe and finally, the next we're recommending this to have caltrans who are attempting to assess an individual's property for studies and analytic progresses they have to identify themselves even though it's part of the overall package to kill the speed rail we've taken a watch position because we don't know where the author is going to go. those are the recommended positions to the matrix. i have a couple of other things on policy areas and you may have read about them the the first
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item i think you're aware of the attempt by the contractors allied labor to qualify a measure for the ballot that will have a imposed tax on vehicles so far local road repair. after be looking at the language that the attorney general asphyxiate or proposed to affix to the petition and consulting with the stakeholders they've decided not to proceed this year. in effect it's dropped it's not preceded to the petition stage so no measure on the 2015 or 2016 ballot.
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high-speed rail i'm sure you're aware of the high-speed rail practice writing program is awaiting the governor's results of the accelerated request from the supreme court that the court can say back to the appellant court and briefs are a due later this, r week and we'll see how that turnout. it's an accelerate process and the appellant court will offer see is supreme courts activities take into consideration the new briefs and within two months we'll have some clarity on the high-speed rail so the treasure can go to market if the court were to direct that. cap and trade amber alluded to one of the biggest issues about
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cap and trade this region and as well as other multi couldn't mp os want any cap and trade revenues for the transportation sustainability to come to them within the each respective region i believe the c m a's have really taken an aggressive stand and unfortunately, the governor has elected to pressure a process it appears i say appears because we have not seen the trailer bill language to direct the appropriate to various state agencies for the additional substantial allocation on some basis probably a competitive grant
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base it looks like the governor want to maintain control over the cap and trade so the concerted effort by mp those have to continue to press their case the leadership has drawn sympathy to the collaboration approach but that will run head ways into what the governor want and we won't see the results until the governor adapts the budget later on. there were a trio of reports in the transportation area in the last week and a half. the first one was sponsored by the transportation agency and it was the result of direction from the jofrn in last year's budget. the caltrans agency had a
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collaborative group out of another state it's a collection of former state directors of transportation that lend their expenditure. they were brought in to look at caltrans and make recommendations regarding best practices that the consultants are aware of in other states. two main themes come out of it and highly critical of caltrans and the culture there it's not secondarily the kirlt is not a modern prospective on how transportation should be delivered and things taken into account they recommended they more than news their processes and be important transparent in their
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performance of reporting. hopefully to avoid what we've seen on the bridge. and try to match 1ri6789s on the money they receive with the sustainability like 375 and they also called on a stronger emphasis on structure and rehabilitation of the states system. the outlook is that caltrans is going to take the report and work with the consultants and bring in stakeholders. i've worked with caltrans on the report. another yearlong effort under the direction of the transportation agency is the california infrastructure priority work group they were organized as an order of the governor to the transportation secretary to look at the state and a transportation in
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california and look at it revenue side and financial side and try to prioritize and a bring co- heyness so the transportation secreted can get some guidance. they ended up i participated in this group loan with other folks in the bay area but the final report came out with the emphasis open preservation and integration and reform. really get in there and make sure the there funding of maintenance and rehabilitation is addressed. the next step for this work group is to continue on to 2014 and look at the governor's office it's fine to have the
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structure in place but not an alleviation of the funding. finally, caltrans last week releases their internal program and their recommendations is in line with the ssi t what they did they need to integrate more goals into their mission statement and reduce their impact on the department emphasis better partnering and work together with the shelf help coalition to improve product deliver and processes and oversight.
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and other matters like that. i'll bring those reports to a conclusion if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them >> colleagues, any questions about this presentation. seeing none, thank you for your time. i'll entertain a motion made by oh, yes, we have to take any public comment? any member of the public wishing to speak on this item. seeing none, public comment is closed. entertain a motion that i supervisor tang and second by supervisor chiu. without objection this passes >> item 7 implement an agreement with the treasure island agreement authority not to exceed to 27 thousands for
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the transportation implement plan and to negotiate the terms and conditions this is an action item. >> thank you very much. >> good morning. i'm with the finance department. this is a routine budget i'm bringing before this committee this is the treasure island agency. the purpose of the agency is to implement the yerba buena island through the program. funded by the department. the authority was assuming the role of the agency. since then, the committee has approved two work plan and operating budget for the implementation phase. for the last two years we've
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been acquiring grants through sfmta and got $550,000 grant. the total budget of this project is seven hundred and 50 thousand for fiscal year 2014 with a $200,000 request through it is my duty district attorney. we're working on the policy of the financial analysis of the pricing program. in addition we'll be initiating the system management phase focusing on the structural engineering of the compliment of the programs. this year's budget will establish the tide district attorney staff and accomplishing the agency as we expect to receive the funds in the coming
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months. 20 percent of the budget will going or go to the staff and the rest to the consultants to assist with the implementation. the tide district attorney board approved this item and cc confirmed this with a motion of support. we have $73,000 for this item in the current transportation thoortsz budget and will be amending this if it's approved through this committee. if you have any questions i have the title representative here >> looks like with an early start people don't have questions. thank you for your presentation. let's open this up for public comment seeing none, public
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comment is closed. okay motion made my supervisor tang and seconded by supervisor chiu the motion passes. thank you very much. okay ladies and gentlemen let's see let's continue madam clerk how about item 8. item 8 recommending a 3 consultant contractors to depleted for 3 years and david and associates incorporated nationwide 5 hundred and 25 thousand for media and community relations professional services and for the contract terms and conditions. this is an action item >> good morning, chair cowen and members of the commission. i'll be presenting this item and the action we're seeking is
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you're ready approval of our greater 20/20 contracts with two firms. this is covering the background the competitive procurement proposals we've covered and talk about the enterprise requirements we're fulfilling. so like any public agency or nonprofit or business we have regular needs to communicate we do the sales tax and the other things we do in oppose. historically that's been managed both through staff as well as through an call contracts we're the base but we rely on others. with that, it was time for us to rebid the past on call contract and we administered a
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procurement progress. we issued a request for qualifications and in the packet concludes what was articulated in that. by the december 17th due date we've received 9 proposals and statements of qualifications and those were evaluated by representatives from the pta as well as the sfmta. based the scoring of that panel we choose to interview the top teams conducted on january 9th. and then based on the results the interviews of the top teams are the ones we're recommending barry boss consulting and david consulting. we established dbe goal at the
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20 percent and the teams are exposing that to goal. for the barkingy team they are proposing 17 percent participation the 1 is hope road consulting which is a woman and hispanic owned firm and then the seasons firm that's it a san francisco-based >> i'm sorry caribou released is that in san francisco. >> no, but they're a women organization. >> where are they based. >> i have that right here. they're based in martinez california >> and the second one is the continent owned so they're in
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asia and the seasons productions i don't think - their san francisco-based the negligent of the owners is of asian sub count. >> i think that's an interesting way - >> we were trying to be consistent. >> but asian-american. >> insure. >> up learner something new. and the david and associates is on a african-american owned and they're based in san francisco. if that's it i'll close my presentation and put the action back on the screen and we have representatives here from both teams >> thank you. let's hear from the representatives that are here today. so who's available. come on up.
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thank you >> hi. >> hi. >> i'm amanda with david associates communicates i'm here in lieu of our ceo's. we're longtime in 70 and we've been in business for 18 years this year and we work with a lot of public agrees in san francisco and this will be the first contract with sfmta >> thank you very much. are there any other representatives. okay. please come up to this podium >> hi, i'm hymie with barbary coast consulting we're a strategic conversations firm in san francisco we've been in business 11 years and have worked with the transportation
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authority over the last six or seven years. and we are happy to be one of the firms selected as well >> congratulations my compliments with engaging with the dbe firm. why don't we take that concludes my presentation. item 8 any public comment? is open. seeing none, public comment is closed. and see this is an action item. and i see a motion made by supervisor chiu and seconded by supervisor tang without objection this motion passes. thank you. madam clerk other items >> item 89 this is introduce item. >> thank you are there any new items to be introduced? seeing none.
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let's take any public comment on item 89. seeing none, public comment is closed. thank you very much. madam clerk anything else else >> general comment. >> come up to the podium share you're ready thoughts you have 2 minutes. >> good morning. i'm jackie saks i want to speak on what you approved. item 3 the item on the agenda today went through with approval. i want to let you know regarding the gary project i've been involved with the gary project since january of 1986. i think the people that are involved in item 3 should take a look at the final report of gary transit task force that i served
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on between 86 and 87 before putting prop b on the ballot in 89 that or i suggested you have those people look at the final report that was published in 1995. i know those are all documents but this give us the background of the gary light rail project it's the only project that's not been funded through prop k. the transit is supposed to be rail ready and if it's supposed to be rail ready and it has to stop at the union square it should be rail ready you should everyone should do their homework and see the documents and see what's been done in the
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past to the future. thank you very much >> thank you very much other members of the puc public that want to speak in general public comment. seeing none, public comment is closed. madam clerk >> item 11 adjournment thank you. this meeting is ♪ >> got had a choice this is the weeks event and i hope your rode for fun so get a pen and paper this is the weekly buzz. not sure what the side open valentine's day how about february 14th treat that special
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respond to a classical music just across from the square there will be free of charge for piano music and ice cream then on saturday ring in the year of the horses for the chiendz parade a local tradition after the gold rush it's sure to wllt costumes and so much more. this procedures will trek if i your citizens so whatever the weather don't miss if and after the parade check out saturday fever this saturday night the sf theater club will notify you to a free earnest of performance and no experience is necessary at the exit theater in 8 to 11
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and that's the welcome back notify as at>> (roll cal. >> item 2, approval of minutes for the january 20, 2014 meeting. >> so moved. >> second. >> all in favor? item 3, pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> please be advised thatd ringing of and use of cell phones, pagers and similar sound-producing devices are prohibited at this meeting. please be advised the chair may order the removal from the


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